Wednesday 17 November 2010

What do we know about the Schola Armaturarum? #2

Further to Jo’s post “What do we know about the Schola Armaturarum? I have located an image from my collection of postcards, photos and other ephemera - one, just one, which is itself indicative of the perceived importance of this building.

Postcard produced by R&C (which I think is the Richter and Conti studio out of Naples) number 1004 15, Titled “POMPEI – Nuovi scavi. Schola Juventutis” (reverse in English, French and German) dimensions 137mm x 88mm. Postcard has been used but post stamp is illegible, author of message however dates the card as 19th September 1933.

Reverse/higher resolution scan available on request.


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Eric Poehler said...

I'm not sure this was clear to me before (perhaps to others), but since the postcard is dated 1933 and the roof that fell down a few weeks ago was from the post WWII bombing era, then the roof shown here is the FIRST modern roof of the Schola.

More pieces to the modern life of the building...

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