Sunday 28 November 2010

University of Tokyo/Aoyagi site off line?

Readers of Blogging Pompeii (see JB's post for 13 Oct 2009) may have come like me to depend on the wonderful website of Massanori Aoyagi and the University of Tokyo for access to such important texts as Le antichita' di Ercolano, Mazois' Ruines de Pompei, and the complete (!) Piranesi. Unfortunately, these texts (and illustrations) seem to have been taken off line. Does anyone know if this change is now permanent, or if there is a mirror site?

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Nicolas Monteix said...

As for Mazois, part of Piranesi and the Antichità di Ercolano, they might be consulted (some of them with full-text research) on the Bibliothèque Nationale de France website:

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