Thursday 18 November 2010

Bondi, quei commissari e le spese pazze di Pompei

An interesting article yesterday by Giuseppe Mancini that details, among other things, the money spent by Fiori while he was commissario:

Euro 1,500,000 for 'administrative costs' (i.e. salaries of Fiori and his 12 employees)
Euro 955,000 for the multimedia visit to the House of Julius Polybius
Euro 555,000 for the exhibition about the history of the excavations (at the Amphitheatre Gate)
Euro 700,000 for the didactic visit to the House of the Chaste Lovers
Euro 792,000 for kids' activities
Euro 5,000,000 for restorations to the Large Theatre (to enable modern performances)

And the list continues. It makes interesting reading. See the full article here.

While at this point I am thoroughly fed up posting links to articles about the collapse, there is also an interesting article in The Hindu suggesting that the Italian authorities take note of models of heritage organisations like the National Trust in Britain. Worth reading.

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