Sunday 14 November 2010

Question about the House of Marcus Lucretius

Posted originally on Blogging Pompeii's Facebook page by Francis Brenders:

'I try to complete a comprehensive study (40 pages without illustrations) about the house of Marcus Lucretius (IX,3,5/24) but some elements are missing. I could use the information of the site 'Pompeii in pictures' and the photographs in 'Pompei, pitture e mosaici'. Further I used the descriptions of Nicollini and Fiorelli and for the paintings I had the publications of Karl Schefold. I compared all this with the recent literature about the subject and came to certain conclusions about the social status of the house and its owner, the accessability of certain parts and the different layers that are apparent in the complex between public and private.
It would be a great help if I could find some more details about the construction of the different parts of the house to come to a more coherent picture of the chronology.
Is there somebody out there who can help me?'


Francesca Tronchin said...

Have you consulted: Castren, Paavo, ed. 2008. Domus Pompeiana: Una casa a Pompei. Helsinki: Casa editrice Otava.

Laura Nissin said...

The Pompeii Project of the University of Helsinki has done research in Insula IX,3 from 2002 on. Information and publications (other than the book Domus Pompeiana: Una casa a Pompei, which Francesca Tronchin already mentioned) can be found in the Project website:

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